Policy wins are made possible through partnerships and collective action! The Institute builds, joins, supports, and helps to steer diverse coalitions to advance our work.

Indiana Skills2Compete Coalition 

Our Role: Co-Chair & Coordinator

Middle-skills jobs are a critical component of Indiana’s economy, and workers need to acquire the skills and education required to fill these positions. The Indiana Skills2Compete Coalition has created a platform to bring greater attention to middle-skill jobs and the workers we need to fill them that are often forgotten by most of today’s higher education debates. On this site you can get to learn about the coalition and its members, read our research about middle-skills jobs and the skills gap, and see our policy accomplishments and priorities for Indiana.


Indiana Paid Leave Coalition (Time Matters Indiana)

Our Role: Coordinator

This diverse group of organizations, community members, and small and large business owners is committed to increasing Hoosiers' ability to care for themselves and their families through paid sick days and paid family & medical leave. The google group linked above is open to all.

Hoosiers for Responsible Lending Logo a set of hands holding a coin

Hoosiers for Responsible Lending 

Our Role: Co-Chair

Hoosiers for Responsible Lending was created by a network of advocates working to empower Hoosiers who have been affected by any form of predatory lending. We raise awareness of predatory practices across Indiana in order to hold lenders accountable and create attainable pathways to wealth building for all Hoosiers.

Our alliance includes veterans organizations, faith communities, consumer groups, and social service providers who recognize both the benefits of equitable, responsible lending and the damages of predatory lending.


 A&O Logo a large and sign with A and O on either side

Indiana Assets & Opportunity Network

Our Role: Co-Chair

The Indiana Assets & Opportunity Network (A&O) connects and provides learning opportunities to practitioners and advocates committed to asset building. It is co-governed by Prosperity Indiana and the Indiana Community Action Poverty Institute and has a Steering Committee of diverse organizations that support an economy that works for all Hoosiers. Members of the A&O Steering Committee are leaders in the Indiana asset-building space.

HHNC Logo houses with Hoosier Housing Needs Coalition written beneath

Hoosier Housing Needs Coalition

Our Role: Steering Committee Member

HHNC convenes partners from across Indiana to advocate for immediate, medium- and long-term housing stability policy solutions and conduct education and research to achieve federal, state, and local policies for an equitable response and recovery to the pandemic and beyond.

Indiana Hunger Coalition

Our Role: Co-Chair

The Indiana Hunger Coalition, a project of Feeding Indiana’s Hungry and the Indiana Community Action Poverty Institute, is a broad space where Hoosier organizations and individuals can come together to advocate for state and federal anti-hunger policy.