Welcome to the Indiana Community Action Poverty Institute

The Indiana Community Action Poverty Institute engages in research and promotes public policies to help Hoosier families achieve and maintain financial well-being.

  • We believe that when Hoosiers are financially stable, they can achieve their full potential and better contribute to their communities.
  • We recognize that historic and ongoing discrimination on the basis of race, gender, ability, and other social identities contribute to economic inequities for Hoosier families.
  • We know that policy plays an important role in dismantling inequities and in creating financial well-being for all.
  • We value, gather, and share stories, statistics, and research studies to illuminate the opportunities and challenges that Hoosiers experience.
  • We promote evidence-based solutions and build coalitions to engage in direct and strategic conversations with policymakers and the public to advance change.

The Institute is a program of the Indiana Community Action Association

Indiana’s 22 Community Action Agencies provide over 70 programs & services to Hoosiers throughout Indiana to address poverty and improve communities.


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