Medical Debt in Indiana

Hoosiers should be able to go to the doctor or purchase medicine without worrying about crushing medical bills. Unfortunately, the burden of medical debt is particularly acute in Indiana. This report discusses the health and social impacts of medical debt, explains how individuals become indebted, provides data about financially vulnerable Hoosiers and statewide trends, summarizes recent government and private action, and recommends policy solutions to address rising medical debt. 

June 2022 | Download PDF | Policy Options Menu

Medical Debt in Indiana report cover


Current Projects

The Indiana Community Action Poverty Institute is currently collaborating with Indiana Health Fund, Dr. Jacqueline Wiltshire at IU Fairbanks School of Public Health, and Deborah Fisher and Donjarica Walton, Grassroots MCH Leaders, on a project to study the experiences of pregnant and postpartum women in Indiana Health Fund's medical debt relief program. About our partners:

  • Indiana Health Fund's mission is to prevent medical expenses, including healthcare bills, from causing financial hardship or even medical bankruptcy to individuals and families throughout Indiana. It established a special fund in 2022 to provide medical debt relief for pregnant and parenting Hoosiers.
  • Dr. Jacqueline Wiltshire is national expert on disparities in access to health care and health care affordability. She will support the analysis and publication of findings.
  • The Grassroots MCH Initiative trains, mentors, and partners with Grassroots MCH Leaders to bring about community-centered approaches that address inequitable social and economic systems underlying poor maternal and child health outcomes. Deborah Fisher has shared her personal experience with medical debt to raise awareness and promote change.

We are grateful to the Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute for supporting this project with a Trailblazer Award.