The work of the Indiana Community Action Poverty Institute would not be possible without the generous support of the following foundations and partners.

Current Funders:

  • IN-CAA - Member dues fund our work on community needs assessment for each of the 22 Community Action Agencies.
  • National Skills Coalition - NSC provides operating support for our role as the coordinator of the Indiana Skills2Compete Coalition and our research activities related to skills and higher education.
  • The Indianapolis Foundation - The Indianapolis Foundation provides flexible support to engage an advisory council of individuals with lived experience and respond to emergent research needs and opportunities.
  • The Herbert Simon Family Foundation - We have two Policy Fellows funded by the HSSF for ten months starting in June 2024 as part of a collaboration to amplify the voices of those represented in our report "Overlooked and Undercounted."
  • The Center for Responsible Lending - The Center for Responsible Lending supports our work on consumer protections, including payday lending.
  • Americans for Financial Reform - Americans for Financial Reform supports our efforts to educate the public about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and about key consumer concerns.
  • Women's Fund of Central Indiana - In 2024, support from the Women's Fund of Central Indiana will allow us to educate Hoosiers about the Pregnant Worker Fairness Act and provide connections to legal supports.
  • Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute - We use CTSI funding to partner with Fairbanks School of Public Health and Indiana Health Fund to study the impact of medical debt on pregnant individuals and new parents
  • Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence - ICADV supports our efforts to provide education and advocacy around paid family and medical leave.
  • Indiana Department of Health - IDOH funds our research & strategic planning work with Region 9's Regional Planning Council and our participation in an accelerator project to promote collaboration between Community Action Agencies and Federally Qualified Health Centers.
  • Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority - IHCDA has commissioned a study of the experiences and needs of adults who transition from working to living with a disability. 

Are you interested in supporting the Institute's work or partnering on a project? Explore donation options or contact the Institute's director, Erin Macey, to learn more.