2024 Policy Agenda

Across Indiana, Hoosiers are making clear what they need to thrive:

  • Foundations like safe, stable housing and child care;
  • Good jobs that provide financial stability and time to care;
  • Safety nets to catch those who are struggling to make ends meet; and
  • an end to the financial drains like medical debt and predatory loans that make financial security impossible to achieve.

Our 2024 policy agenda includes:


  • As a member of the Hoosier Housing Needs Coalition, increase tenants' ability to get problems with housing addressed and encourage interim study of ways Medicaid funding could provide housing-related services
  • Support efforts to increase childcare access, boost providers' and workers' financial well-being, and reduce costs for working families and student parents
Good Jobs 
  • Encourage legislators to join the 13 states that have adopted paid family and medical leave programs that would empower families and businesses by providing income replacement to workers who need time to care for their own health or newborn, newly adopted, or critically ill family members

Safety Nets

  • Support legislation that increases access to programs like SNAP and TANF, promotes saving for the future and workforce development within these programs, and reduces benefits cliffs and administrative burdens

Financial Drains

  • Protect against expansions of high-cost lending, including payday loans and large, long-term installment loans that are currently capped at 25% APR
  • Ensure that health care costs are reasonable and that Hoosiers' homes, credit scores, and wages are protected when medical bills occur 

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