Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis

Now more than ever, Hoosiers need policies that support financial stability. Throughout this crisis, the Institute for Working Families will continue working with partners to advance policy solutions that prioritize working families' health, basic needs, and financial well-being.

As a member of the Indiana Coalition for Human Services, IIWF was eager to participate in the development of a coordinated, member-driven call for a strong policy response. Read the Indiana Coalition for Human Services policy recommendations and all of the Institute's COVID-19 related policy recommendations.

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Download the PDF: ICHS Indiana COVID-19 Policy Recommendations

Related Resources 

Let's Celebrate & Expand Families First Paid Leave

Congress took a historic step forward in passing a paid leave law. Unfortunately, loopholes left out millions of workers and the paid leave standard is temporary. Still, we celebrate this milestone and call on our policymakers to continue moving forward on paid leave.

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The CFPB Complaint Database Can Help Protect Hoosier Consumers 

As the economic fallout from COVID-19 mounts, consumer complaints can play an important role in point to areas of economic distress. Between March 15th of 2020 and April 15th of 2020, Hoosiers filed approximately 200 complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Narratives suggest that not all creditors and collectors are working with distressed consumers, and credit reporting continues to be a source of headaches for many consumers.

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Use Interim Study to Build a Better Indiana: Our Topic Recommendations

Now more than ever, Hoosiers understand the consequences of financial instability and the need for thoughtful policy approaches that create a sturdier base of support on which to build our economic lives. As our legislators consider interim study topics, we need them to prioritize policymaking that rebuilds Indiana’s foundation stronger and better. To that end, we recommended the following strategies and topics for assignment to interim committees:

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COVID-19's Impact on Access to Justice 

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, legal aid providers struggled to meet the needs of low-income Hoosiers seeking access to justice in areas like consumer and finance, rental housing, and family issues. Without more robust support for legal aid, more Hoosiers will go unrepresented - and likely fare worse - in complex civil matters. 

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CARES Act Payments Should be Used to Meet Hoosiers' Needs, Not Debt Collectors'

Soon, Hoosiers will begin receiving stimulus payments via direct deposit. Without intervention, there is a risk some Hoosiers could see those payments frozen by debt collectors or other creditors. The Institute has joined partners to urge state-level action to protect stimulus payments and ensure that Hoosiers can use them to meet their basic needs. 

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Child Care is an Essential Business: Indiana Can & Should Invest More

The recent executive order designating certain businesses "essential" draws attention to the fact that child care is the backbone of Indiana's economy. Yet workers receive inadequate pay and benefits while families strain under the burden of cost. A well-functioning early care and education system requires significant investment from the state - now, and for our future.  

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Our Take on TANF COVID Options: Send Cash to Hardest-Hit Families

The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program allows for non-recurrent, short-term benefits. Given the challenges facing families who were already financially vulnerable before the COVID crisis, the Institute recommends sending cash payments to all SNAP households with children.  

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The Time for Work Sharing is Long Overdue

The Institute has long advocated for a work sharing program in Indiana, but state lawmakers did not "fix the roof while the sun was shining." Luckily, the CARES Act creates another opportunity to enact a work sharing program to help Hoosier workers, businesses, and the economy weather the current storm.

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Open Letter: Hoosiers Need Paid Sick Days - Now and For Our Future

The current crisis is drawing our failure to provide basic minimum paid leave requirements into sharp relief.

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